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What’s the secret of our success? A spectacular team. Bold ideas and fresh perspectives. Sharp execution.

For every brand,
just the
right shade exists to
stand out from
the crowd.
We help them
find it.

Our clients

At FBS, we work with a number of private dental clinics and are proud to be part of their success stories. Competition is fierce, but we always manage to stay at least one step ahead of everyone else.

Madenta was established in 2000 with the aim of providing a full range of dental treatments of the highest standard. Due to their outstanding proficiency and use of the most up-to-date technology, for over 20 years, Madenta has grown to be one of Hungary’s leading dental clinics. They are at the forefront of digitalisation – hence their slogan: “The dental clinic of the future”.
Their commitment to keeping one step ahead of the dynamic development of dentistry has made Madenta one of the most innovative, well-equipped, and attractive dental care institutions – both nationally and internationally.

Profident Dental Centre remains one of the leading players in private dental care in Budapest, maintaining its top position in the market for over a quarter of a century. Profident’s professional focus encompasses implantology and prosthodontics (hence the slogan “For implants, it’s Profident”), but its specialists’ competences cover all areas of dentistry. Many of the Profident’s patients are long-term clients who have been coming to this dental practice since its very beginnings, and it’s typical for several generations of the same family to be Profident clients, who today number over 150,000 in total. It’s no wonder they agree with the clinic’s overall philosophy: “Profident, the lovable dentistry”.

VitalCenter has been offering premium dental solutions on Budapest’s Margaret Island – the city’s “green heart” – for over 30 years. In addition to the high-quality services available, its state-of-the-art facilities, unique location, and attractive interior make it a uniquely exclusive institution.
VitalCenter is a pioneer in dental tourism. Many of its patients are expats living in Hungary, and other foreign clients travel from all over Europe to Budapest for the practice’s extraordinary services. The dedicated members of its team constantly strive to meet patients’ needs in all areas of dentistry to the highest possible standard.“VitalCenter promises much and provides even more!” is its credo.

Most of Donau Dental’s patients arrive from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The clinic operates in an exclusive environment and at the highest possible professional standards. Donau’s focus on the individual is what sets the practice apart from the crowd and cultivates a close relationship with its patients. Their motto is not just a cliché but has real meaning: “We treat people, not teeth!”

Our clients

At FBS, we work with a number of private dental clinics and are proud to be part of their success stories. Competition is fierce, but we always manage to stay at least one step ahead of everyone else.


Rather than just being about subtasks, campaign profits, a series of dry calculations, or creative chaos, our team believes marketing is more about creating value and giving our customers the best possible service and satisfaction.

  • Brand Strategy

  • PPC

  • Graphic Design

  • Developing and web design

  • Content

  • Photo and video production

Brand Strategy

YOU, or the business you represent, are the brand. Everything you do, think, say, or believe in shows that you are its unique representation. Based on your business goals, we help create a well-planned and executed brand strategy adapted to your target group.


You are only recognised, well-known and needed if you make yourself heard, but that only happens through continuous monitoring and optimization. We undertake the complete implementation of periodic and long-term online and offline campaigns: from creating campaign communications, through managing social media and Adwords ads, to compiling reports.

Graphic Design

From getting beyond the noise in advertising through unique ideas to breaking away from stale content to make sure you are noticed, we cover the entire spectrum of both online and offline marketing. Whether it’s banners designed for the web to outdoor business displays, we brainstorm, conceptualise, and create!

Developing and web design

Of course, having a platform where you are present is a must, but is your webpage easy to use, and is it sticky? Embracing the latest design trends, we create web pages that are tailored to the needs of users and aim to achieve the best possible sales results.


The uniqueness of content is at least as important as using the right keywords, whether it be blog posts, complete website content, educational content, PR articles, newsletters, or email marketing. We populate your website with unique, quality, SEO-compliant and relevant content.

Photo and video production

Images are crucial to outstanding content. Taking portraits and team photos that capture the brand’s essence, or making movies that show the benefits of your product or service are essential for the successful marketing of your business. All you have to do is let us show your best face!

Our team

A small, specialised team with enormous enthusiasm, dedication, and creative energy – that’s us!

Great minds don’t always think alike… sometimes they hack it out to find the best solution.

Our portfolio

Our number one principle is that we only take on work that we believe in and can identify with. That's the only way to get results.